Dynamic Accounting

The Package

A revolutionary new attitude to the
accounting concept for all businesses.
Simply putting you, the client back in control.

Real Business
Real Life
Real Solutions

Real Business
Real Life
Real Solutions

We look at what you can and will do and how you want to do it.
Then we tailor the solution to fit your needs & requirements

The Dynamic Accounting Package is made up of Services from both our Accounting & Business Solutions

The packaged Solution is then tailored and fine tuned to perfectly fit your company.

As well as including all the listed services, It comes with benefits such as:

  • a fixed monthly price
  • no hidden fees
  • no binding period

You really will be left empowered to run your business.

Tailored to your needs

Fitting your style and your everyday routine. We do not forget your unique special requirements!.

If you're not having fun with what you're doing then you're doing it wrong.

This statement has never been more true than in today’s hectic, fast pace, work lifestyle.

We are on a constant full throttle surge to obtain knowledge, find efficiencies and drive our businesses to success.

To address this issue for our accounting clients we created the Dynamic Accounting Package by Analys-ERA. 

No longer will you have to conform to a service providers way of doing things,

Analys-ERA will fit you the client!, how you work!, your processes! and most of all your pace of life!

This flexibility gives you full control and meaningful information that you can understand, then  apply to real life business scenarios.

Plus we think it’s fun!

Fanny Svensson - MD





The philosophy & components of the package are so simple they are genius!

Clarity in the reporting & explanation of information.
Use of forensic analytics to gain real value adding data & re-structuring insights.
Marketing & development assistance available throughout.
Strategy reports & meetings.
Value Gap
You are in control
Safe systems with back ups

Translate the accounting information in to understandable & useful information that can be applied to real life scenarios

Flexible & Client orientated

 Includes Year End

Fixed monthly price
No hidden fees
No binding period
No risk & no  surprises

“ Clarity in the reporting & explanation of information.”

Book keeping

We want to make your life easier. Therefore, we let you define your processes whether it’s getting you receipts to us, issuing your invoices, keeping track of specific project / customer costs whatever process makes your life easier!

You don’t have to learn & follow our system, we adapt the processes to match your work life style.


Could it be any more flexible???

Read more on our Scanning & Collection Services


Need to access documents quickly while on the move? Then Go digital, use MyScanner from Analys-ERA…but wait there is more

Technology makes it easy to turn your paper documents into digital files that can be stored more efficiently and accessed from anywhere. Going paperless with accurate, safe, easy access, verified data has never been easier, we tailor the system to your phone, your computer, your habits!

Read our Pixels vs. Paper Blog!


Filling in your VAT returns, monthly, quarterly, yearly, balancing the account, topping it up, EU & national rules and information on how and when to invoice, cash received or accrual basis?…….

This is too difficult for a mathematician. It takes a philosopher!

With our philosophers’ hat on, the right systems in place and the processes to make your life simple.

Having your accounting with Analys-ERA (in either the Accounting All In Package or the All Inclusive Package) will ensure that when it comes to your part in the V.A.T. process, all you have to do is read the clear report for the period we provide you with, see the check list has been completed to your satisfaction and with confidence sign the declarations on line

My box

Alla kan inte  lägga tid på digital inskanning av dokument!

Alla säger att digital dokumenthantering är den bästa metoden att hantera bokföring och redovisning. Det betyder att man måste lägga tid på inskanning och göra analoga dokument elektroniska. 

Vi på Analys-ERA håller inte med om detta påstående. Detta passar inte alla företag, åtminstone tills man har fått helautomatiska system på plats i alla nivåer från bank till leverantör. 

Skaffa istället full kontroll över sättet du hanterar din bokföring genom att använda vår gratis tjänst ‘Min Låda‘ som innebär att vi fysiskt hämtar upp dina papper och redovisningar och gör den digitala inskanningen ÅT dig.

Det kan inte bli enklare! 


You need to make salary payments into your employees‘ bank accounts.

For this to happen without a glitch, you need the right information on time and then you need to ensure that the monthly and annual reports are complete.

Income statement (Swedish abbreviation KU) is an income report for individuals and estates issued by anyone who pays for example salary, pension, interest or dividends. Income statements play an essential role in Swedish society and the Swedish tax system in that they are the very basis for the decision of the income tax which citizens pay.

Simply put, let us handle the process from start to finish for you!

Analytics & Reporting

Do you have all the information you need to plan for the future and achieve your business goals?  Does your business have regular management reporting to give you the information and analytics you need to really understand your business and make informed decisions? 

Or do you have information on lots of different systems and no way to pull it all together?

Let us show you the clever reporting options we have available – from detailed financial reports to colour coded dashboards that bring together financial and non-financial systems to give you a 360 overview of your business and turn your data into powerhouse of a management information system.

Training & Support

In serving the needs of our customers our staff receive ongoing training in solutions knowledge on all the services that our company provides.

Our sales staff are trained to assess if your company’s staff will need training in services provided. If the need is found, we will provide the training.

On Site Visits

Our accountants, designers & all staff & officers are not frightened of travel!

We will visit your company to inspect your work environment to determine your specific needs, then if you want the resource going forward we can even come to you on a regular basis.  The benefits

Company Secretarial

Want free company registration?Right now that’s one of our Analys-ERA offers.

We also provide a comprehensive list of Company Secretarial Services to both local and multinational companies to assist them in complying with the various local legislations.

Our prompt and efficient service ensures that you comply with the requirements under the various Companies Guidelines & Acts.

Human Resources

Are you an employer or even self-employed?

A Human Resources department is a critical component of employee well-being in any business, no matter how small.

HR responsibilities include payroll, benefits, hiring, firing, and keeping up to date with state and government laws.

Business development

The Business Development Strategy is used to underpin your Business Plan and essentially it sets out a standard approach for developing new opportunities, either from within existing accounts or by proactively targeting brand new potential accounts and then working to close them.

At Analys-ERA we can help you set out your Business & Marketing Plans and then work with you to develop the strategy.

Marketing & Sales

The Term “Digital Marketing” Is Dead” !

In simplest terms, Marketing is the act of driving profitable customer action.

Driven from the Sales processes via a wide range of sales channels.

Marketing spans the full scope of strategies and tactics your organisation uses to position Products and/or Services in the marketplace and motivate target audiences to make a purchase.

So many of these are included in the Branding All In & All Inclusive Package, plus we have a range of specialist, bespoke solutions.

Special gift!

As a special bonus, we are currently including FREE company registration in ALL OUR PACKAGES

Filling the Value Gap as Your Trusted Adviser

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