Facebook is the largest social network (76%) in Sweden and among the elderly, most prefer Facebook.


Instagram is in second place with (60%) instragram is the fastest growing Instagram increases at all ages It is more common among the younger than among the elderly to use Instagram. However, the use is so widespread that more than half uses the service up to 55 years.


Snapchat is the third largest in Social Media (38%). Snapchat continues to grow but is still primarily the service of the youngsters. 97 percent of the high school girls use the service.


Linkedin (30%) Linkedin is most spread in the IT and communications industry and it is the most common with Linkedin among men in the middle of the career. Linkedin's growth has, however, stopped.


Twitter (22%), Young adults are the largest group on Twitter Twitter usage is very fluctuating and shifts.


Pinterest (21%) is a social media service that grows. Women dominate Pinterest and among women between the ages of 26 and 35, over half of the service is used.

You Tube

Youtube is the biggest among video services In terms of overall viewing with 87 per cent of Internet users in Sweden. 28 per cent watch YouTube daily. Youtube is a great way to promote your company with a movie.


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